works with some of the most forward thinking real estate agencies that Trinidad has to offer! works with some of the most forward thinking real estate agencies that Trinidad has to offer! Today we decided to share the story of one of the first real estate professionals that joined, meet Tucker Real Estate, one of the leading real estate agencies in Trinidad and Tobago!

Read the story behind the founder of Tucker Real Estate, Jeanine Tucker below:



Tucker Real Estate began as a family business in San Fernando and expanded it’s service into Port of Spain over 25 years ago.
Just like any business, there was, and is, no exact ‘cookie cutter’.
I began in the industry full time at the age of 23 with a foundation in Real Estate but really began following the ‘Real Estate Leaders’ at the time.

However, as I began to settle in the industry I realised that my leaders were no longer leading me and I had to step ‘out of the box’. I turned to International Real Estate companies out of Trinidad to find out what they were doing and personally formulated a way to adapt their strategies to our local market.
From there I was the first Real Estate agency to launch our personalised website. I began to invest and educate myself, not just in Real Estate, but the technology that was part of the Industry.

I believe it’s my responsibility to give my clients properties the most exposure required to be sold or rented in a timely manner. Therefore, with this said, in summary, is the reason I incorporated into my Marketing plan. As a Real Estate Search Engine and Aggregator they too have their marketing plan and target audience that my clients will indirectly benefit from.

As a hands-on owner, I work closely with the companies I invest with to ensure that they are meeting and exceeding the market’s expectations. Thus far, from ‘s launch, they have continued to work on developing their site to meet the markets demands and I wish them continued success. ‘



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