Trinidad Real Estate Agency Success Driven Through Team Work!

The Story Behind LauraHomesTT is one that depicts how well unity and team vision can lead to success!

Read the story of LauraHomesTT below:

‘Established in 2005 by its Principal Agent, Laura Polo, LauraHomesTT (LHTT) Ltd. has continued to be a reliable benchmark for the real estate community in Trinidad and Tobago. Polo, having practised real estate in the U.S. as a licensed agent, brings her wealth of knowledge and experience to the local property investment scene.

LHTT Ltd. is a boutique real estate agency offering highly-specialized guidance and expertise to its clientele. The agency offers property sourcing services for corporations, families and individuals by helping sellers to find buyers (and vice versa) and connecting potential landlords with future tenants. As an added bonus, the agency specializes in consultancy for personalized investment guidance, and extends property management services to its clients.

Polo stands by the quote, “The strength of a team is in each individual member, the strength of each member is in the team,” and uses it to determine many of her hires. Her sales office is strategically staffed with a full-time in-house attorney, an office administrator, as well as 6 full-time agents and 2 part-time agents. Each agent is designated a specific area of Trinidad and Tobago, allowing them to grow in familiarity and location-specific expertise.

LHTT Ltd. is built on hard work, persistence and visionary thinking. Polo credits her ability to navigate and accurately predict the direction of the market to advise her clients solely to her time spent in the day-to-day workings of the industry.

“Without the insight that I have picked up just from being in every aspect of the industry, I would not be qualified for my job,” says Polo. “Seeing market fluctuations, expat influxes and economical shifts year after year gives me the experience to know what to expect. This way, I can properly advise my clients and encourage wise life-long investments.”

Interested in a free consultation session with LauraHomesTT Ltd to see what might be the best purchasing option for you? Email us at or call us at 622-3831.

-Laura Homes TT, Opening the Windows to Your Future. ‘


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