Agents Are Passionate About Real Estate! works with some of the most professional real estate agencies that Trinidad has to offer! Today we decided to share the story of one of the first real estate professionals that joined, meet GenX Real Estate Solutions!

Read the story behind the founder of GenX Real Estate Solutions, Kerron Brown below:

“As a child, I spent my vacations building houses with Lego, dreaming of one day being an Architect.

In my 20’s, I moved to the US attending the University of the District of Columbia where I studied accounting and finance.

My passion for Real Estate drove me to read any book with Real Estate content I could put my hands on and study any Real Estate program I could afford, which in turn lead to me to purchasing my first home at the age of 25.

With a leap of faith, I eventually left College and started a Real Estate Investment company.
Returning to Trinidad in 2008, I wasn’t sure I wanted to get involved in the Real Estate industry here, but an opportunity guided me to complete my first Real Estate transaction in 2014, and it was in that instance the passion was reignited.


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GenX Real Estate


I immediately enrolled in Roytec and took both their Real Estate courses so I would be properly equipped with the knowledge to proficiently apply it to the local industry.

It was during this time that GenX Real Estate Solutions was created.
I finally had the opportunity to use my passion to achieve two goals; earning a living in an industry I love and helping prospective homeowners to obtain one of the necessities in life, housing.

Too many people don’t understand what’s involved in purchasing a home or investing in Real Estate, but, seeing this is my calling, it’s a joy for me to help them along their journey.

Working with Prop-Snoop has helped me reached a large audience across Trinidad and Tobago and made me one step closer to achieving my business goals for 2019!


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